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Chemical laboratory assistant synthesis (m/w)


General description: Responsible for running reaction on the bench under the direction of a chemist, performing typical reaction analysis through using analytical tools such as GC, HPLC, titration, etc., keeping a clean and proper workstation, doing the preparation of work, maintaining the equipment in his/her area, and adhering to safety and regulatory ordinances


Function 1: Lab process work

  • Work under minimum direction of a Supervisor and/or Chemist to conduct research
  • Able to run all lab equipment and train others
  • Able to perform non-standard chemical reactions under supervision
  • Be able to suggest alternative approaches within the scope of the experiment or project/process.
  • Conducts simple and routine analytical qualitative and quantitative chemical and physical testing
  • Operate analytical instrumentation such as GC, HPLC, GPC, ball and ring, etc.
  • Evaluates materials for compliance to standards and specifications
  • Evaluate, interpret, and report results effectively
  • Develops awareness of available procedures and resources and uses them to effectively complete assignments
  • Maintains legible, neat and organized laboratory notebooks to thoroughly document their work
  • Assists as directed in all areas of the lab function
  • Maintains equipment in working order
  • Assists in the maintenance, calibration, and repair of laboratory equipment
  • Issues reports in verbal and written formats in a timely fashion and at specified intervals

Function 2: Maintain compliance

  • Adhere to company EH&S regulations, Responsible Care practices and ISO 9000 programs
  • Maintain a clean and safe laboratory and working environment
  • Works with supervision to ensure data integrity and verify that their work is correct
  • Maintains established quality control documentation
  • Maintains a clean, safe and efficient laboratory environment and works safely within it
  • Accomplishes all EHS training requirements in accordance with their scheduling
  • Be knowledgeable of hazardous/non-hazardous waste generation practices
  • Be knowledgeable of intra-plant hazardous/non-hazardous waste transportation practices
  • Evaluates materials for compliance to standards and specifications

Education and Experience:

  • 2 years education ( certificate) and 6 year working experience or 8 year working experience in Chemistry/Chemical technology area


  • Requirements in Level II
  • Able to operate with minimal to no supervision
  • Able to operate all lab equipment
  • Able to train peers
  • Able to monitor pilot operations
  • Applicable knowledge of ISO-9000
  • Proficient knowhow on IT tools

Mrs. Mara Slongo is available to you for other information with pleasure. Otherwise we expect with pleasure your entire application papers (incl. photo), which they to us mainly by e-mail: can send.


Mara Slongo
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